English: From Presentation Skills to Complex Inquiry


On entering the program students have an intermediate English proficiency, but they are often reticent in expressing themselves.  This sequence starts with the strengthening of students’ verbal communication skills and instilling confidence in them, while simultaneously developing their business presentation and verbal communication skills.  Following this the emphasis shifts to written skills and the development of students ability to write straightforward, proficient letters and reports.  The third course will continue this development, centering discussions and writings on classic papers in business and management from the Harvard Business Review and other sources.  The last two courses will increase the demands on the students English capabilities while developing the students’ identities as businessmen.  These courses introduce students to some of the ideas, controversies, debates and theories about how a life of private gain is related to the provision of public goods (including the arts and charities), questions of moral behavior and social cohesion, the use and destruction of the natural world, the good life and individual growth.  These courses are better characterized as humanities than social science and revolve around discussions of texts culled primarily from the philosophy, literature/biography, and political science literatures.


Business Communication

Students will be required to make research, organize and present material related to business but of interest to them.  Students are free to chose any topic they want, from the history of the labor movement in Indonesia to the organization of the music industry, from pancasila economics to fashion trends.  What is important is that they do the research, organize their thoughts, and most of all present and discuss the topics in English.  Each student will make two presentations.  The first will focus on what they plan to research and why.  It will be short and will conclude on the specific, focused research question the student is proposing to answer.  The second will be a longer presentation of the results of their research.  Research and presentations will be done in groups of 3-4 with both peer and instructor assessment.

Business Writing

Investment prospectuses, annual reports, sample business letters, sales inquiries and brochures and other business related material will be analyzed.  Their structure, expository style and vocabularies will be discussed.  Based on these examples, students will write well structured, informative, exemplars of each kind of business communication discussed in class and be graded on the quality of their English as well as the clarity and structure of their writing.

Advanced Business English

Each class will focus on one of the classics of management and business writing.  Culled from Harvard Business Review, the Academy of Management Perspectives, The Sloan Management Review and other sources, students will be asked to present the material, critique it, and draw conclusions.  Written reaction papers will be assigned and both written and class participation will be graded.

The Self as a Businessman

This course is focused on the individual.  Drawing on readings from philosophy, literature, and biography the student is asked to question, clarify and deepen their understanding of themselves, both as businessmen, as citizens and as participants and contributors to Indonesian society and culture.  The aim is to cultivate a commitment to a broader role in society and culture.  Students will be asked to write reflections on the readings  and a final term paper will focus on their vision of their future selves, their thoughts about their future family, social and business lives.

Business and Society

This final course is focused on business as an institution.  It looks at the various sectors of society and how they interact.  The student is asked to understand how, as a businessman and a business leader, he or she contributes to and takes advantage of the opportunities that Indonesia has to offer.   The student is challenged to think more clearly about the mechanisms and ethics of how the everyday activities of business affect the social, political, cultural and natural worlds.  Presentations will be graded and there will be a final term paper in which the students explicate their views of the place of business in society.

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Title: English: From Presentation Skills to Complex Inquiry
Date Posted: October 26, 2015
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