The BMI skripsi will features peer feedback and continuous supervision. Students will work in themed groups of 5-7 students and meet weekly.  Dosen will propose topics or themes, themes which interest them and might contribute to their research program.  Students can then chose to join whichever theme-group is of most interest to him or her.  This starts in the 7th semester, in parallel with the internship/E-7 project, in a two credit course.  This two credit course will focus on the theoretical development of the students’ research proposal.  On a weekly basis, students will submit their ideas and the changes they have made including any descriptions of any difficulty they may be having to the dosen and the group. Students will read all students’ work every week and be prepared to comment and criticize. These groups will continue to meet during 6 credit skripsi course to review progress, overcome hurdles and make adjustments to the research, and guide the write up of the research.

Skripsi will be assessed by two dosen.  Each will give feedback to the students’ of their partner professor’s group at mid-term, and on the second to last meeting of the semester.  And they must both agree on the grades assigned to students of both groups.

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Title: Skripsi
Date Posted: November 12, 2015
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