Students may chose either to do an internship or an entrepreneurial project.

Through internships students learn what doing business is really like.  It gives them the experience to make informed decisions about their career choices and their future. It is also, for those graduates who do not wish to start their own businesses immediately, an extended interview in which companies get to know the candidate and vice versa. This is a 6 credit course focused on learning by doing and will require students to produce extensive documentation of their work and learning.

The E7 startup project is also a 6 credit course.  The student will be expected set out milestones at the beginning of the 6 month period and document and explain progress and failures.  A student will chose a coach from among the IBM faculty.  This coach will advise and mentor the students as well as connect them to internal and external resources.  Assessment will be done by a team of internal and external assessors.

(8 semester completion alternative.  The internship consists of two courses, the 6 credit internship itself, and a 3 credit project where the  learning from the internship is processed and consolidated. The companion course focuses as much on individual maturation and career development as it does on disciplinary and practical learning.

The E7 startup project is also a 6 credit course with a 3 credit project report, following a similar format and logic to the internship option.)



Entrepreneurial Project

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Date Posted: October 27, 2015
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