Wednesday entrepreneurship program is the soul of UC. Like all students at UC, GEM students fully participate in this program. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset is a core objective for each of our students and in all learning activities special attention will be given to examples and cases that focus on entrepreneurial enterprises. The GEM curriculum itself has two, complementary, aims. The first is to impart business skills and knowledge that are second to none in Indonesia. The first duty of a university is to ensure that its graduates have developed that thinking and behavioral skills to compete in the marketplace with graduates of other universities. The second is to do this with a special emphasis on knowledge of international economic and business processes. Developing World Class Entrepreneurs requires world class business skills and knowledge, and the GEM program is positioned as the study program at UC aimed at expanding students’ horizons, giving them a uniquely international view of the business world.

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Title: Entrepreneurship
Date Posted: October 26, 2015
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