A Brand Called Me


A single course is taken first semester aimed at giving the student the tools attitudes required to successfully complete the IBM-IC program and become a successful lifelong learner and businessperson.  The goal is to develop in each student a strong understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, their values and interests.   It is aimed at instilling a proactive and self-confident attitude and getting the student to take responsibility for their own learning, while at UC and beyond. Students will become more aware and autonomous learners.


There are four parts to this course.  In the first, the student will explore themselves by taking self assessment tests that measure personality and learning styles.  The students will reflect on this information and develop their own understanding of what their thinking and interaction styles are and how this might impact social interaction, career choice and business interests.  The second part of the course explores students values. Students are asked to reflect on what is important to them so that they begin to understand how life as a businessman might fulfill their priorities and lead to a more satisfying life.  The third part of the course explores careers in business and guides the student in thinking through what aspect of business might provide the most satisfying career, or what they might be good at as entrepreneurs and what kind of a partner they might want to have.  And finally, the students are asked to formulate a business identity by putting their thoughts together in a presentation themed “A Brand Called Me”.  The aim here is for the students to formulate as precisely as possible what they want to become in the course of their careers at UC.  What is the “me” that they want to have emerge at the end of their four years at UC?

Classroom Organization.

Students must take responsibility for their learning at UC and beyond.  To that end, extensive out-of-class assignments will be required, from written reflections to research projects.  There will be a mix of individual and group assignments and some of these will require presentation in class.   Lecturer assessments will be complemented by peer evaluations of students’ social skills in contributing to group performance.

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Title: A Brand Called Me
Date Posted: February 5, 2016
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